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SCAW has helped establish several exchange programs between Wilmington area schools and its sister cities.  Information and resources to share between sister schools is available here SCAW School Partnership Outcomes 2010-2016...
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SCAW invited our sister schools to celebrate the United Nations International Year of Forests in 2011 with a TREEmendous project to share...
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Doncaster, England Students Produce Wilmington Videos

Edlington Victoria Primary School in Doncaster has been involved with an exchange program with children in Wilmington. As part of their work in Literacy on Wilmington, the Y3 children found out about Wilmington using a variety of sources and filmed advertisements to try and persuade people to visit. 

The short films also formed part of a class assembly which was shown to parents. The parents were delighted with the work that their children had been involved in and are glad they have connections with children in a different country.

Watch the videos:

Video 1

Video 2

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